Explore theatre through time travel

Tuesday 8th September 2020

The Time Traveller’s Guide to British Theatre by Aleks Sierz and Lia Ghilardi
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As most teachers know, bringing history alive can be a real challenge. In The Time Traveller’s Guide to British Theatre (now reprinted), we have used the idea of time travel, already popular in our culture (the Tardis!), to bring to life the wonderful story of British theatre. We wanted to give a more vivid sense of stepping into another world, which is what the past is, to convey the experience of being there, feeling, sensing, even smelling, the stage. We were also keen to make the experience of reading more immersive, by developing the narrative as if it was the storyboard for a film. We hope that the method that we chose to use, setting up scenes and imaginary conversations, will enable young people not only to gain a better understanding of history, but also to acquire a sense of ownership over their learning.

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