Lyn Gardner on visa restrictions

Monday 6th September 2010

Critic and novelist Lyn Gardner
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Travel seems to be becoming increasingly problematic as I prepare to brave the hazards of a London Transport system crippled by a tube strike. Of course, I always travel hopefully, and this kind of thing usually turns out to be less bad than anticipated, but I really shouldn’t moan anyway because my experiences are as nothing compared to the havoc wrought by the Home Office and UK Border Agency. In a typically informative blog, Lyn Gardner at the Guardian has let us know about the latest in a long line of artists being refused entry to the UK by the new visa system, introduced by our old friends New Labour. These make life hell for visiting artists from outside the European Union and have created an impression that we are living in Fortress Britain. Among the victims so far are Brett Bailey, founder of South Africa’s Third World Bunfight theatre company, Russian ballerina Polina Semionova, and the Brazilian Teatro da Curva. To all of you, on behalf of British theatre, I sincerely apologise. To the rest of my readers, please join the campaign to repeal these stupid restrictions!

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