Monday 6th December 2010

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt
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Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, is shaping up well as one of the most humorous of the shower of inept politicians currently squatting in Westminster. His latest joke is that he plans to spend £830 million give the UK “the best broadband network in Europe by 2015”. Oh, that’s a good one. Currently, this country is 13th in the league of European nations, and — as anyone who has BT as their provider can readily attest — every “upgrade” simply means more problems. Especially humorous is the fact that this will be paid for by using a part of the BBC’s licence money: er, I thought that the Tories believed in free enterprise and not in government giving handouts to business? But perhaps that’s the biggest joke of all.

© Aleks Sierz

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  • TheatreMad87 commented

    on Monday 6th December 2010 at 3:42 pm

    This is probably why James Naughtie "accidentally" rechristened him...

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