Wednesday 25th May 2016

Daniel Kaluuya and Luke Norris in Blue/Orange. Photo: Johan Persson
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Text of the day: “OK. All right. Listen./ Let me join up some of the dots for you./ Let me do some of the maths for you:/ Schizophrenia is the worst pariah./ One of the greatest taboos./ People don’t understand it./ They don’t want to understand it./ It scares them./ It depresses them./ It is not treatable with glamorous and intriguing wonderdrugs like Prozac or Viagra./ It isn’t newsworthy./ It isn’t curable./ It isn’t heroin or Ecstasy./ It is not the preserve of rock stars and supermodels and hip young authors./ It is not a topic of dinner-party conversation./ Organised crime gets better press.” (Robert in Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange)

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