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Wednesday 7th September 2011

Ian McDiarmid in The Faith Machine. Photo: Stephen Cummiskey
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I caught up yesterday with Alexi Kaye Campbell’s The Faith Machine at the Royal Court, having missed its opening night last week. I think it’s a brilliant combination of the head and the heart: compelling in its examination of the meaning of life and emotionally engaging. The first two scenes are masterpieces of exposition, with ideas raised, conflicts introduced and the stakes set high. It was a great experience. In the future, when I despair of seeing a grown-up play which raises vital questions about who we are and what we should do with our lives, I will remember this piece. (Sounds a bit pompous, but still…) For those who long for passionate debate and ethical stimulation, I commend this play. For those that tire of issues and debates, who are allergic to discussion, I can only stay: steer well clear. It’s the best new play this year.

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