Wednesday 5th October 2016

Amanda Wilkin and Jack Monaghan in Pilgrims. Photo: Mark Carline
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Text of the day: “You just want to stick flags on virgin territory and claim it as your own. God it’s pretty phallic actually. I mean, for example. In these folk songs. There’s always a man. Going off to war, in a ship. In a uniform. And there’s a woman, often called Nancy. Nancy is on the dock, looking nice, waving a handkerchief. And she says, hang on, can’t I just come with you?” (Rachel in Elinor Cook’s Pilgrims)

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  • Brendan O'Neill commented

    on Wednesday 5th October 2016 at 8:56 pm

    Check out Paddy Reilly - The Leaving of Nancy on YouTube

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