Shopping and F***ing

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Ashley McGuire in Shopping and Fucking. Photo: Helen Murray
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Text of the day: “It’s three thousand AD. Or something. It’s the future. The Earth has died. Died or we killed it. The ozone, the bombs, a meteorite. It doesn’t matter. But humanity has survived. A few of us… jumped ship. And on we go. So it’s three thousand and blahdeblah and I’m standing in the market, some sort of bazaar. A little satellite circling Uranus. Market day. And I’m looking at this mutant. Some of them, the radiation it’s made them so ugly, twisted. But this one. Wow. It’s made him… he’s tanned and blond and there’s pecs and his dick… I mean, his dick is three-foot long.” (Mark in Mark Ravenhill’s Shopping and Fucking)

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