On vermin

Thursday 4th March 2010

West End theatre
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Vermin update: no, I don’t mean the latest announcement by a Tory politician, but a more mundane story. Apparently, mice and other vermin are swarming all over West End theatres, and Equity, the actors union, has investigated. This has already led to calls for more cats, and jokes about reviving Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical of the same name. This is all well and good, but I’m not sure that we should let our feline friends have all the fun. After all, the canine brigade are pretty good at ratting too — I mean, have you ever seen a terrier in action? Boy, don’t they go. Also, I pretty sure that Pirate Dog would like to try some indoor mice chasing. He hasn’t had much luck running after squirrels in the park, and I’m not certain that he would know what to do if he ever caught one, but I would like him to audition for a West End mice hunt!

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